8th of Dec:

555 warriors will be initially deployed to our whitelisted members

5.000 warriors will be deployed during our public mint event

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Good partnerships are the key to having a successful project. As such, Token Warriors (TW) will integrate other collections in the game through the “Warify” function.

What is Warify?

The Warify function we are going to offer to our partners will allow other collections to become eligible to be used in the game. Once a collection becomes “warified”, specific items to each collection will be listed on the armory marketplace, so all the partnered NFT collections will have their own custom-made weapon sets.

Pengu Love is the first partner to join the program and we love that.

For starters there will be only a few partner spots, eventually adding more as the project evolves.



The marketplace will hold all of the weapons, armor and power-ups. Purchases will be made in $TWAR, which you could get through TwarSwap, a DEX that will integrate the tokens of the warified collections.


It is a turn-base battle game, where players will be required to come up with a strategy ,create alliances and think about positioning and the warriors they choose for each battle.
Choose the right warriors and power-ups to get the upper-hand in battle!

Become part of a guild and join the WAR, either with a TW NFT or Warified NFTs, and try to be at the top of the leaderboard. There will be weekly tournaments.

The P2E game will integrate weekly tournaments with prizes that will be defined by the communities beforehand.
Holding a TW or a Warified NFT will grant you access to early-game previews and give you the power to vote on community decisions with regards to multiple facets of the game. This system plays an important role in the game development and the good of the community.

Master the game

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Meet the team


Q4 2021
-Launch the branded version of the website
-Sale of the unique collection of 5555 NFT Token Warriors through whitelist members mint and general public mint
-Whitelist members will receive high ranking within guilds and be able to assemble armies of warriors.
-After all 5555 token warriors have been minted, we'll randomly choose 5 winners to receive our custom warrior outfit
-Whitepaper release and tokenomics
Q1 2022
-Design warrior abilities, fighting stamina, individual ranks, quests roadmap and battle arena
-Design of project architecture and start development of phase 1
-Launch of beta version of TokenWarrior game
-Launch of onboarding feature for communities that join our platform
-Launch of the WARIFY capability for the communities joining our platform
-Launch native token TWAR on Solana blockchain.
Q2 2022
-Launch of guild battling feature
-Launch of warrior quests
-Launch Blacksmith feature for merging NFTs and battle accessories
-Launch warrior upgrade where members can buy special abilities using native TWARs
-Launch individual combat where warriors can enter 1 on 1 fights
-Launch of onboarding projects & voting features
Q3 2022
-Launch NFT Staking program for attractive passive income
-Presale of exclusive limited content: special armor, rare skins, diamond & vibranium weapons, premium character abilities
-Expansion of the Token Warrior universe: Introduction of 2 new guilds
-Additions of armoury, skins, weapons and power abilities for members to enhance their warriors
Q4 2022
-Launch of Token Warriors marketplace where members can trade warriors, armory, abilities quickly and easily with incredibly low fees
-Launch of mobile version for Android
-Listing on one of Solana DEXs
Q1 2023
-Launch of mobile version for iOS
-Perform upgrades to Token Warriors
-Localization in 5 new languages
Q2 2023
-Launch of the TWFGC (Token Warrior Fan Generated Content) mechanism with incentives for content creation
-Engagement of artists, designers and animators for participation in global TWFGC creation events
-Expansion of the Token Warrior universe: Introduction of 2 new guild


Presale Mint Date: 07.12.2021 (21:00 UTC)
Sale Mint Date: 08.12.2021 (21:00 UTC)
Presale 0.25 SOL / Public mint 0.5 SOL

Presale price: 0.25 SOL
Sale price: 0.5 SOL

We will be listed primarily on – more marketplaces to come!
That will be our world renowned artist Vladi , mentioned by Marvel in their social media posts! He is a 22 year old artist and graphic designer. You can check his artworks on his Instagram @vladyart

We recommend using the Solana Phantom Wallet